Core Features

End-to-End Security

Allows you to defines and manage your enterprise security policy. Uses AI-powered BOTS to monitor and enforce your security policy across all computers, servers and external cloud services used by your enterprise.

Real Time Monitoring and Control

Gives you the fine-grained control you need over the security of your enterprise Monitors every single machine in your enterprise Detects and controls threat before it damages your enterprise.

Behavior Based Threat Detection

Light weight technology powered by machine learning that detects and controls malwares, viruses, ransomware and phishing attempts that are not detectable by traditional security software .

Comprehensive Data Protection

Encryption based files and documents' security, sensitive data leaks prevention, unsanctioned applications and unauthorized web sites control, remote user locking and remote data wipe out on lost IT assets

Content Management & Collaboration

CloudFish is pre-integrated with major cloud-based document services and allows enterprise users to securely manage their content and collaborate with other users.

Integrated Enterprise Products

CloudFish integrates with Google Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Salesforce.com and Amazon AWS platform. Allows enterprises to use Cloudfish features as a plug & play with other standard enterprise products.

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