All-In-One Monitoring and Control Solution for Your Enterprise

Allows you to defines, monitor and enforce your security administration policy on your company's desktop & laptop computers, servers and external cloud systems.

Provides real-time monitoring capability with dashboards, executive reports and configurable alerts.

Automatically detects, controls and contains security threats across your entire enterprise.

Monitors and prevents unsanctioned applications, disallowed websites, sensitive information leaks and sabotage attempts on your company’s computers.

Tracks physical location of company’s computers.

Provides remote user locking and data wipe out features for lost computers or laptops.

Extremely light weight monitoring solution with configurable options at enterprise or individual machines' level.


Threat Protection & Security for Your Enterprise Powered by Machine Learning

Industry’s first lightweight security technology based on artificial intelligence.

Provides a comprehensive protection for your enterprise from internal and external security threats.

Automatically detects and protects your enterprise from malware, ransomware, intrusion attempts, internal & external hacking and information stealing.

Does not saturate your system like traditional anti-viruses. Consumes only 10 MB run-time memory, minimal CPU and detects security threats with more than 99% accuracy.

Detects and controls threats that are not detectable by traditional anti-viruses and security software.

Provides enterprise-wide security reports on executive dashboards.

Configurable threat alerts and notifications


Secured File Management & Collaboration Suite for Your Enterprise

Protects your enterprise documents and files stored in the cloud or local computers.

End-to-end encryption using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.

Easy-to-use file management and collaboration requiring 'zero technical knowledge' for end users.

Secured file access from desktop, web, smartphones and tablets.

Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention(DLP) checks.

Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive.

Cross platform compatibility during file transfer and collaboration.

Real-time auditing of file operations in the cloud and on local computers.

Multiple encryption key management options with support for external CASB vendors.

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