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Add licenses or storage space to a Dropbox Business account

Change or reset a Dropbox password

Dropbox is stuck syncing, won't launch, or reports an error

My Dropbox has an X on it. What's wrong?

Move files between a personal and Dropbox Business account

Shared folders: Give people edit access to your files

There's a Dropbox charge on my credit card—which account is this for?

Moving the Dropbox desktop folder to a new location

I'm joining someone else's shared folder. Will this count against my storage space?

Canceling Dropbox Pro—refunds, and downgrading to Dropbox Basic

Low disk space vs. Dropbox storage space

Videos are cut off when other people view

Give people view-only access to your files

Using the Dropbox camera uploads feature

Background uploading—why the Dropbox iOS app needs location data

Upload files from a phone or tablet

I received an email about an inactive Dropbox account—what do I need to do?

Selective sync—file conflicts and other issues

Find the email address for your Dropbox account

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